University of Manchester Phonetics Laboratory

The University of Manchester’s Phonetics Laboratory (AKA the Phon Lab) is the research hub for any and all work in acoustic and articulatory phonetics, experimental phonology and sociophonetics at the University of Manchester. The Lab is used by staff and PhD students alike as well as undergraduate- and master’s-level dissertation writers and research assistants from the Linguistics and English Language (LEL) department.

Located in room S1.24 of the Samuel Alexander building, the Lab consists of 3 rooms for recording and analysing speech data. Its facilities include a sound-attenuated recording booth, audio and articulatory equipment, as well as several desktop and laptop computers for running experiments and analysing phonetic data. We also have store that includes equipment for that can be used and borrowed by students conducting research and working on assignments in LEL.

If you would like to book the recording booth or borrow equipment, please check availability on the Schedule below and then get in contact with the lab assistants through the Contact form. Please note that, depending on staff availability, we might not be able accept bookings even if the lab is free. We will only accept bookings if made up at least 24 hours in advance. Note also that all bookings sent after 17:00 will be processed the following working day.

The university also has a separate Psycholinguistics Lab that you might be interested in.


Director: Dr Patrycja Strycharczuk

Assistants: Stephen Nichols | Kǎiyuè Xíng


Contact form

To book the sound-proof recording room or to borrow equipment, please use the Contact form below.


The equipment available in the Phon Lab at the moment is:

  • Mac and PC desktops and laptops
  • Ultrasound tongue imaging (Telemed Echo Blaster 128 CEXT B/W; Mindray DP-2200)
  • Electroglottalography (Glottal Enterprises EG2-PCX2)
  • Nasal/oral airflow (PCquirer 516)
  • Electropalatograph (WinEPG)
  • Several hand-held recorders (including Zoom H4n Pro)
  • Various microphones (lavalier/lapel, head-mounted, stationary; jack, XLR, mini XLR)

We currently have the following software for use on many of our computers:

  • R and RStudio
  • Python 2.7
  • Praat
  • Articulate Assistant Advanced
  • E-Prime
  • PCquirerX/Macquirer
  • ELAN
  • Transcriber
  • FAVE
  • PsychoPy
  • Audacity
  • TeX Live, TeXShop, TeXmaker and BibDesk
  • Microsoft Office suite
  • iWork productivity suite
  • Atom
  • GitHub desktop

It may be possible for us to provide training for equipment and software if needed.